In my practice, using fictional narratives I take personal experiences and transform them into surreal artwork, giving voice to those who cannot speak, giving life to inanimate objects. I am released from my human inhibitions and can devote myself to making people aware of non-human life forms, the worlds of animals and objects we live among, but often ignore. Whether dressing as an animal or anthropomorphizing nature or objects I seek to merge these worlds. I escape into the animal world by actually becoming the animal in performances or focusing on the natural world in other artistic disciplines.

In my most recent work I focus on the sea world and seek ways to personify creatures of the sea, merging them with humans and elevating them to our level. Dressed in costume I explore the narrative of Olivia the Sea Turtle. After being cheated on by her wife, Arial the Mermaid, Olivia has found herself on shore living among humans. She is desperately trying to fit in while at the same time trying to resolve her marriage. Making artwork reflecting her story, I illustrate the difficulties of merging the life of a sea turtle with our own. In the performances I sing popular pop songs weaving together what is most iconic from the human world with Olivia’s narrative. I also read fictional dairy entries that she has written to express her feelings, hardships, and inner struggles living on shore. Touching on topics of romance and controversial issues that all humans face, I am making parallel connections between a human’s life and Olivia’s. At times the performances titter between stand up comedy and performance art, but at heart are quirky and have an element of dark humor embedded.